1000 Voices Fellowship Program

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1000 Voices Fellowship Program

Every Woman, a coalition of more than 1,700 women’s rights advocates in 128 countries, works to provide backup to frontline women’s rights activists and to secure a treaty to eradicate violence against women and girls. The coalition is at once global and grassroots. Such a gathering of frontline women’s rights defenders convened under the same banner with a shared vision for global change is seldom seen in international women’s rights advocacy.

We are delighted to be actively receiving applications for our 1000 Voices Fellowship Program. The 1000 Voices Fellowship Program is a cross-regional, peer-to-peer, cohort-based, advanced online training opportunity. Participants hone capabilities including storytelling, how to secure media opportunities, and how to optimally interface with policymakers, diplomats, and high-level government officials.

We look forward to receiving your application. To apply, fill this form and provide a copy of your most recent CV. Please ensure your wifi connection is strong to upload a copy of your CV.

Thank you for your interest in the advancement of the global treaty on violence against women and girls.