Build Grassroots Power


You can accomplish a lot on your own, but we encourage you to recruit friends and volunteers, or work with a campus student organization. It will allow you to scale your efforts and really move the campaign forward. Plus, it’s more fun!


This is one of the best (and simplest) organizing methods. You can table to recruit, build visibility, and get signatures for the People's Call for a global treaty. 

    • Table in high foot traffic areas like dining halls or student union
    • Table in a variety of places and times
    • Create a fun, high-energy table with visuals, music, etc.
    • Get volunteers to help staff your table
    • Don’t leave your table unattended

Class Announcements

This is one of the best ways to reach students and get their attention through a short 2-3 minute presentation. First, choose which classes to target. For example, your feminism class, your public health class, your human rights or social justice class. Then, send professors a short email message to ask if you can speak for a few minutes before class starts.

  • Memorize your presentation
  • Provide an overview who you are and introduce Every Woman Treaty
  • Explain the problem of Violence Against Women and the treaty as the proposed solution
  • Make the call to action. Ask students to take out their phones, go to, and sign the global call for a treaty
  • If you are planning an event or activity, this is your chance to announce it.