Join the movement for a global treaty to end violence against women and girls.

Getting started

You probably know that violence against women is the most pervasive human rights violation on earth. But did you know that currently there is no means at the global level to hold nations accountable for addressing this violence?

Every Woman Treaty is a campaign for a global treaty to end violence against women and girls. We are the facilitators of a global process for both the creation and adoption of a global treaty. Our coalition includes  more than 1,700 women’s rights activists, scholars, and organizations in 128 countries.

We know treaties can change global norms and create the political will for countries to address problems. We saw this happen with the Tobacco Treaty and with the Mine Ban Treaty. Now we can do the same for women and girls!

Every Woman Treaty campus activists come from across the globe, have a passion for women’s rights, and want to take part in creating a safer world for women and girls.

We welcome activists from all backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and religions. As an activist, you will work with our engagement team to co-produce campaigns, events, programs, and signing events to generate awareness and momentum for the movement for a treaty to end violence against women and girls.

You will gain new experiences, sharpen your leadership, immerse yourself in campaigning for women’s rights, and gain insights to help you discover your interests and talents.

  • Organize treaty signing events
  • Organize campus vigils, marches, walks, or runs to end violence against women and girls
  • Co-design resources and campaigns for students on your campus
  • Co-create social media content
  • Partner with student organizations on campus to create collaborative events
  • Design the engagement of your choice. (We’re here to listen and support your ideas!)

Throughout your time with us, you will develop a new set of skills and take on experiences that will help you in your future career, including:

  • Developing skills in campaigning, media, volunteer management, facilitating and/or presenting
  • Meeting new people (both professionals and peers)
  • Leading the way and inspiring students to create a more just world
  • Taking on experiences that will help you in your future career
  • Receive training and background support to equip you to become a leader and advocate
  • Boost your resume
  • Get a professional reference from Every Woman Treaty for a job or graduate school
  • Get shoutouts on our blog and social media
  • Win a chance to join an upcoming Every Woman Treaty delegation to a human rights conference or event in the United States!

We have your back!

As one of our campus activists, you will have our full support. We’ll work with you to identify the campaigns and volunteering opportunities that are right for you. We’ll also check in with you after each activity to get your feedback and make sure you’re getting what you need from the opportunity.

Activist Toolkit

The toolkit below provides guidance and inspiration to enable you to mobilize your network and help create a world where women and girls are safe from violence.


Are you ready to be an essential part of the very fabric that will create a more just world for women and girls?