Champions Call for a Treaty

Treaties begin with a champion. A country, a high-ranking official at the United Nations, or a coalition of advocates like Every Woman Treaty initiates the idea. From there, a collaborative process unfolds.

Working Group Forms & Gets to Work

The treaty’s working group researches, discusses, and debates what should be included in the treaty and develops the core platform—the language and framework that will be used during the drafting process.

Lead Nation Diplomacy & Public Campaign

Treaty champions enter into discussions with nations on becoming lead nations, the countries that serve as the treaty’s ambassadors. Public campaign builds awareness and support for the treaty.

Series of Convenings Held to Draft Treaty Content

While the process varies, typically, a UN body, such as the General Assembly or the Human Rights Council, issues a resolution supporting the treaty and the text is then developed in a series of convenings.

UN Body Adopts Treaty Language

In general, the treaty text is then adopted through a resolution at a UN body. A treaty may also be adopted by a conference specifically convened for such purpose.

Treaty Opens for Signatures

Once the text is adopted, states can become signatories. A State Party is a nation that has agreed to be bound by a treaty, typically through an act of ratification under the state’s domestic law.