Key Statistics

Despite progress, violence against women is a global crisis.

1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced sexual assault or intimate partner violence. Source: World Health Organization

Globally, as many as 38% of female murders are committed by a male intimate partner. Source: World Health Organization

An estimated 640 million girls and women alive today were married in childhood. Source: UNICEF

79% of human trafficking victims are women and girls. Source: UN Office on Drugs and Crime

Legal barriers remain widespread.

1 in 4 countries have no law against domestic violence. Source: World Bank

More than 1 billion women globally lack legal protection against domestic sexual violence. Source: Women, Business and the Law

Nearly 1.4 billion women lack legal protection from domestic economic violence. Source: Women, Business and the Law

359 million women are not legally protected against sexual harassment in the workplace; 2.2 billion have no legal protection from harassment in public spaces. Source: World Bank

Even where the legal age of marriage is 18 or higher, 139 countries have exceptions allowing girls to marry, perpetuating the problem of child brides. Source: Women, Business and the Law

A global treaty that requires nations to adopt proven interventions will lower rates of violence worldwide.

The mortality rates for adult women are 32% lower in nations with domestic violence laws. Source: Women, Business and the Law.

Fifteen years after the US passed the Violence Against Women Act, intimate partner violence had dropped 53%. Source: The Lancet

After violence prevention training, intimate partner violence was 52% lower in eight communities in Uganda than in those without such training. Source: SASA!