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Must Reads: Maternity Ward Massacre in Afghanistan

In this week’s Must Reads: Maternity ward massacre in Afghanistan. An effective response to the pandemic means tackling the violence and inequality faced by women. Using codewords to protect against…

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REMINDER: Covid-19 and Red Shoes Virtual Event

Watch our Virtual Event from May 11th at 5:00 PM GMT / 1:00 PM EDT. Experts from Pakistan, Nigeria, Russia, and Afghanistan will discuss the intersecting pandemics: COVID-19 and Violence Against…

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Honoring Mothers and Mother Figures

  In this week’s Must Reads: Invitation to Every Woman Virtual Event. Pregnancy Resource Hub from Every Mother Counts. New UNFPA projections predict calamitous impact on women’s…

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Must Reads and an Invitation

In this week's Must Reads: How to exist in a world that seeks to erase women. Rights activists in Kenya have raised alarm after indications that gender-based-violence may be on the rise with…

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Must Reads: As Helplines are Flooded with Calls, Governments Respond to Spike in Violence Against Women and Girls

In this week's Must Reads: Five ways governments are responding to violence against women and children during COVID-19 from UNICEF. In lockdown Bolivia, calls from abused girls flood hotline.…

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Must Reads: UN and WHO Spotlight Domestic Violence Amid Lockdowns

In this week's Must Reads: Leaders from the United Nations and the World Health Organization address the impact of Covid-19 and the disproportionate impact on women and girls. South Africa…

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Must Reads: No Place to Hide

In this week's Must Reads: Amid lockdowns, shutdowns, curfews, and social distancing, there is a rise in reported cases of sexualized violence. In the UK, "It's a perfect storm," Suzanne Jacob, chief…

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Must Reads: Coronavirus Pandemic Creates Intensified Risks for Women

In this week's Must Reads: Coronavirus lockdowns create unique risks for women subjected to violence as policymakers and service organizations build capacity to respond. Women make up 70 percent of…

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Virtual CSW64 Panel: Dr. Eleanor Nwadinobi with Helen Rubenstein of Global Rights for Women

Every Woman Treaty invites you to join our own Dr. Eleanor Nwadinobi for a virtual panel with Helen Rubenstein of Global Rights for Women this Thursday, March 19, 9:00 a.m. Eastern time via  Zoom for…

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Every Woman Institute Launches the Safer Sooner Report

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Elizabeth Blackney, [email protected] (Seattle) Today, February 20, 2020, the Every Woman Institute releases its first-ever Safer Sooner Report.  “For many women around…

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However long it might take to bring their vision to life, Fartuun Adan & @IlwadElman are all in. And according to Ilwad, they have no illusions about having their work cut out for them: “We want to invest in long-term solutions."

Amid the #COVID-19 pandemic, women & girls are forced to shelter in place with abusers. We call for every nation to implement interventions known to deliver safety. We stand for lives free from violence. #redshoeseverywoman

@felicitygerry @WomanTreaty I'll have to dig these out! I've been wearing almost nothing but running shoes and slippers since I started working from home in March. WomanTreaty photo

Amid the #COVID19 pandemic , put on your red shoes 4 June for women & girls - the @WomanTreaty call for every nation to implement interventions known to deliver safety. #redshoeseverywoman

Today marks the opening of the World Health Assembly, the first during the global Covid-19 pandemic. Click the link below to follow the proceedings.