Red Shoes - Global Day of Solidarity

Red Shoes - Global Day of Solidarity

You shared your voices and continue to take a stand with us – for all women and girls. On June 4th, we hosted a Virtual Red Shoes Installation and march with Elina Chauvet and more frontline defenders, partners, and friends from across the globe - in Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Afghanistan, and more. Watch the event HERE.

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Reports from the frontline activists we work with every day are dire. Domestic and sexualized violence is spiking. Women and children are forced to shelter with their abusers amid the necessary lockdowns to protect our communities all over the world. The pandemic violence is intersecting with the Covid-19 pandemic, and our mission to end violence against women and girls is more urgent than ever.

This global lockdown means women and children are now cut off from their support networks leaving them with nowhere to turn, and more often than not, locked down in silence.

On June 4th, we stood with survivors around the world in a collective action inspired by – and with - Mexican artist Elina Chauvet. Today, and every day, we continue to act in solidarity.

In 2009, Chauvet staged her first art installation of red shoes - representing the bloodshed women face in Mexico because of femicide, domestic, and sexualized violence. Since then, her installations have inspired activists around the world to wear red shoes, to replicate her protests in their own cities and countries, and to share photographs of their red shoes.

Join the Call

As the world wrestles with COVID-19, and the necessary lockdowns, reports of violence against women and girls forced to shelter in place with their abusers are exploding. We call for every nation on earth to implement evidence-based interventions known to deliver safety. We stand for lives free from violence for every woman and girl, everywhere. We stand with the missing and murdered women. We march for them. #RedShoesEveryWoman

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Take a Stand

To participate in the Virtual Red Shoes Installation: Post them across your social media on June 4th and/or submit photographs and art via

Take a picture of red shoes, or red socks. Don't have red shoes or socks? You can share your drawings too. Red flowers, fabric, paint - be creative. Or take out that red lipstick and nail polish and draw a symbol of solidarity. We understand colors have cultural nuances, and we welcome all images and messages of solidarity.


Reach out to your network via email and ask them to join us in taking a stand. Share (1) why you are joining the event, (2) how they can stand in solidarity with you, and (3) to influence the influencers—the lawmakers, ambassadors, and heads of state who have the power to change global systems – ensuring a free, safe, equitable future for women and girls. Email your art, photographs, poems, and questions to us at

Social Media

Below are some samples to use for your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Be sure to tag us (Twitter: @WomanTreaty, Facebook and Instagram: @EveryWomanTreaty)! We will be re-sharing and highlighting your stories.

Amid #COVID19 lockdown, reports of violence against women & girls forced to shelter in place with abusers are exploding. We call on every nation to implement evidence-based interventions. We stand for lives free from violence. We stand with the missing & murdered women. #RedShoes

#ZapatosRojos #RedShoes – inspired by the brave artist Elina Chauvet from #Mexico. We cannot forget the #Pandemic #violenceagainstwomen and the danger global lockdowns create for women and girls. Everyone KNEW that women and girls are most affected in a crisis.

Helplines are Flooded with Calls, Governments Must Respond to Spike in #ViolenceAgainstWomen and Girls during #COVID19. Standing in #solidarity with #Survivors and all the women and girls we have lost. #RedShoes #zapatosrojos

Today, I am taking a stand in #Solidarity with #Survivors, and calling for global systems change to protect women and girls. Pandemic violence and the #coronavirus pandemic intersect. #redshoes #zapatosrojos #redshoeseverywoman

#June4. Global Day of Solidarity with #Survivors. Join the call. Únete a la llamada. Rejoignez l'appel. Junte-se à Chamada. Присоединись к призыву. انضم إلى القضیة #redshoeseverywoman #zapatosrojos Register and tune in here: