The People’s Call to Nations

When people come together, powerful change happens. Join thousands of people across the globe calling for a global treaty to end violence against women. Sign the people’s call (a short version of the treaty), and be part of history!

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I stand for a life free from all forms of violence for every woman and girl, everywhere. I hereby join the call for a Global Treaty to Eradicate Violence Against Women and Girls. 

Parties to the present Every Woman Treaty:

Affirm the right of girls and women to a life free from violence throughout their lives, in every sphere, including but not limited to the public, private, and virtual domains;

Condemn all forms of violence against girls and women of all ages and abilities in every sphere;

Recall that violence against girls and women hampers the growth and prosperity of individuals, families and societies, and that it impedes the full potential of women and girls, as well as the development of their communities, nations, and the world; 

Note the Charter of the United Nations and existing Treaties, Resolutions, Declarations, and Recommendations adopted by the United Nations promoting the equality of girls and women; 

Concerned still that despite these instruments, extensive and systemic violence against girls and women continues to thrive with an inadequate response;

Resolve that the adoption of a global treaty will strengthen the protection of girls and women by ensuring successful implementation of laws, policies, and measures by state parties to eradicate violence against girls and women:

ARTICLE 1:  All national parties shall enact or enhance comprehensive national reform:

1. Reform laws to eradicate violence against women and girls.

2. Implement interventions through health, justice, and security professionals who serve survivors, such as judges, police, doctors, and nurses.

3. Provide services to survivors of violence.

4. Enact prevention education campaigns based on rigorous evidence of effectiveness.

ARTICLE 2:  Establish a global implementation fund to finance interventions specified in Article 1, through governments and/or international and local nongovernmental organizations.

I hereby urge nations to adopt the Treaty, mandating that governments and citizens alike undertake the work required to end this pandemic of violence against women and girls.

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I stand for a life free from all forms of violence for every woman and girl, everywhere.

I hereby join the call for a global treaty to eradicate violence against women and girls.

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