Ghada Hammam, MA, Egypt

Steering Committee Member

Ghada Hammam, MA, Egypt, is a gender monitoring, evaluation, and capacity building expert, with more than 25 years’ experience working with organizations in the Arab region. She currently serves as program manager for the Swedish donor agency Diakonia, where she works with Egyptian organizations to develop and implement gender action plans. She has extensive experience working on women’s issues in Arab countries, previously assisting a Yemen social fund in mainstreaming gender equality in education and assisting in decreasing school violence in 15 Yemen governorates. Her activism began with her first development job, where she saw firsthand the devastating effects of poor water quality on women and families and began fighting poverty in her country. She conducted groundbreaking research on gender and water sanitation, which was published by the UN and translated into five languages. In 2015, she joined our Working Group and served on the Expert Special Committee on Types of Violence.

“I signed to make a better future for my daughter. And for my mother, and all the millions of Arab women who have left this world without knowing they had full rights and could enjoy them, to every woman that is a victim of violence, my signature is here.”

- Ghada Hammam