Hala Aldosari, PhD, Saudi Arabia/USA,

Steering Committee Member

Hala Aldosari, PhD, Saudi Arabia/USA, is a scholar-activist best known for advocating for women’s rights and protection from violence in Saudi Arabia. Her writing, speaking, and activism focuses on ending the country’s oppressive male-guardianship law and reforming family law. She was part of the protest to end the driving ban in Saudi Arabia; founded Aminah, an online resource center to promote full citizenship rights of Saudi women; and hosted a radio show for women’s rights. Hala’s activism and extensive writing for international media draw from her research on women’s health, women’s rights, and violence against women in Saudi Arabia. Currently, she is a scholar in residence at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University, where she is examining the intersection of reproductive health and women’s rights in Saudi Arabia. In 2018, she was awarded the Alison Des Forges Award by Human Rights Watch for her extraordinary activism. Hala joined Every Woman in 2015 as a Working Group member and served on the Special Expert Committee on Violence Prevention.

“I signed to protect women and girls from the crippling impact of violence on many levels, to provide states and advocates with best practices tools and legislation to affect positive and sustainable prevention from violence.”

- Hala Aldosari