Simi Kamal, Pakistan

Steering Committee Member

Simi Kamal, Pakistan, is head of grants at the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund. She is a geographer, social development specialist, and women’s rights advocate with over 30 years’ experience in water sector, poverty alleviation, inclusive development, and gender equality. She has served on Pakistan’s National Commission on the Status of Women, authored the country’s Gender Reform Action Plan, and led the USAID-supported Gender Equity Program. Simi is the founder of several private and nonprofit organizations, including Hisaar Foundation, a foundation for water, food, and livelihood security. She served for nine years on the Technical Committee of the Global Water Partnership, and currently serves on numerous national and international boards and committees. She is author or co-author of more than 400 papers, articles, book chapters, handbooks, and modules published and presented worldwide. Simi joined our Working Group in 2014 and was co-chair on the Expert Special Committee on Types of Violence.

“I signed because violence against women has got to end completely. This will only be possible when women come together globally to create the strategic thrust and the critical mass for action at the highest level: a UN Treaty that can influence and pressurize nations to take the series of actions needed to end violence.”

- Simi Kamal