Join us in creating a safer world for women and girls

Every Woman is a coalition of 3,000+ women’s rights activists from 147 countries advancing a global treaty in the form of a new Optional Protocol to CEDAW that codifies ending violence against women and girls into binding law.


We catalyze leadership – from grassroots activists to heads of state – for global systems change to end this violence.

Frontline Activists’ Leadership

We support grassroots activists’ advocacy in ending gender-based violence through a global treaty attached to CEDAW as an optional protocol. We do so through capacity support, fellowships, and putting activists in the halls of power through our Diplomacy Days program.

UN Member State Leadership

Every Woman supports leadership by UN Member States in calling and advocating for a new Optional Protocol to CEDAW dedicated to ending violence against women and girls.

UN Leadership

We bring a steadfast commitment to catalyzing the resources necessary to strengthen the current framework. This includes a drive for an exponential increase in implementation funding to end gender-based violence while tracking progress in ending violence against women and girls through a metrics-based system.

The time is now. Help write history. Join us

Every Woman’s advocacy for a global binding framework began in 2013. Through comprehensive research, bold advocacy, and high-level conversations with world leaders, we are supporting the creation, adoption and implementation of a new Optional Protocol to CEDAW based on General Recommendation 35 – CEDAW’s framework to end violence against women and girls.

A new Optional Protocol to CEDAW, once ratified, would be a global treaty in itself. It provides the most expedient path to a legally binding roadmap to eradicating violence against women and girls.

So much has been accomplished over the past decade. But in many ways, the race has just begun.

Now more than ever, we need your support to end the most pervasive human rights violation on earth. Join us! Donate to support our work!

What you can do

Your contributions help fund research, activist training, communications campaigns, and diplomacy efforts to advance the creation of a global treaty.

Women’s rights activists from around the world are welcome to join our ranks and propel our movement.

Spread the word

Share our work and progress with your network and invite them to amplify the call for a treaty specific to ending violence against women and girls through a new Optional Protocol to CEDAW.

Women and girls worldwide need you.